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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Manitowoc Member0
West Lebanon Formation0
County Line (Alburnett) silt0
Two Rivers Member0
Metropolis Formation0
Crowleys Ridge Silt0
Grigg tongue0
Wolf Creek Formation0
Omphghent member0
Beverly Tongue0
Lemont Formation0
Ashmore Tongue0
Mascoutah facies0
Kewaunee Formation0
Mason Group0
Canteen member0
Oak formation0
Alburnett Formation0
Cenozoic Erathem10
Quaternary System15
Pleistocene Series20
Holocene Series30
Modern Soil40
Cahokia Alluvium50
Grayslake Peat60
Lacon Formation80
Peyton Colluvium90
Peoria Silt100
Lake Michigan Formation105
Equality Formation220
Lake Michigan Member225
Henry Formation230
Dolton Member250
Mackinaw Member260
Batavia Member270
Wasco Member280
Wedron Group390
Shorewood Member400
Wadsworth Formation410
Haeger Member420
Yorkville Member430
Malden Till Member440
Snider Till Member450
Jules Soil460
Tiskilwa Formation470
Batestown Member480
Piatt Member490
Delavan Member500
Lee Center Till Member520
Esmond Till Member530
Glenburn Till Member540
Oakland Till Member550
Morton Tongue560
Farmdale Soil590
Robein Member600
Peddicord Tongue610
Roxana Silt630
Winnebago Formation640
Meadow Loess Member650
Capron Till Member660
McDonough Loess Member670
Pleasant Grove Soil680
Plano Silt Member690
Chapin Soil700
Markham Silt Member710
Argyle Till Member720
Sangamon Soil740
Glasford Formation750
Berry Clay Member760
Loveland Silt800
Teneriffe Silt810
Pearl Formation820
Radnor Till Member830
Sterling Till Member840
Toulon Member850
Winslow Till Member860
Hagarstown Member870
Roby Silt Member890
Hulick Till Member900
Ogle Till Member910
Vandalia Till Member920
Duncan Mills Member930
Mulberry Grove Silt Member940
Pike Soil960
Kellerville Till Member970
Smithboro Till Member980
Petersburg Silt990
Yarmouth Soil1010
Banner Formation1020
Lierle Clay Member1030
Tilton Till Member1050
Hillery Till Member1060
Harkness Silt Member1070
Harmattan Till Member1080
Belgium Member1090
Sankoty Sand Member1100
Mahomet Sand Member1110
Hegeler Till Member1120
Afton Soil1140
Enion Formation1160
Grover Gravel1170
Mounds Gravel1180
Tertiary System1200
Pliocene Series1210
Eocene Series1240
Wilcox Formation1250
Paleocene Series1260
Porters Creek Formation1280
Clayton Formation1290

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