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Pleistocene stratigraphy of Illinois
Series Bulletin 94
Author H. B. Willman and John C. Frye
Date 1970
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Lithostratigraphy: Dolton Member
Chronostratigraphy: Cenozoic Erathem >>Quaternary System >>Pleistocene Series


H. B. Willman and John C. Frye

Name origin

The Dolton Member is named for Dolton, Cook County, part of which is on a beach of the Toleston stage of Lake Chicago.

Type section

Eight feet of the member, largely sand, is exposed at the top of a clay pit in S'/2 NE Sec. 3, T. 36 N., R. 14 E., Cook County.


The member is dominantly sand, with local beds of silt and gravel. In the type locality it has been mapped separately from the fine-grained lake-bottom sediments (Bretz, 1955) that are assigned to the Carmi Member. Although most of it consists of beach and bar sands, the member locally includes pebbly sand and gravel deposits that are ice-front deltas and lag deposits from wave erosion of till.


BRETZ, J. H., 1955, Geology of the Chicago region, Part II — The Pleistocene: Illinois State Geological Survey Bulletin 65, 132 p.

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