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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Antioch Limestone Member0
Will Scarlet Shale Member0
Delafield Member0
Unnamed clastic member - Carbondale Formation0
Percy Limestone Member0
Lagonda Member0
Galatia Member0
Bevier Coal Member or Bed0
Walshville Member0
Coxville Sandstone Member0
Unnamed gray shale member - Carbondale Formation0
Wheeler Coal Member or Bed0
Carbondale Formation2480
Danville Coal Member2490
Galum Limestone Member2500
Allenby Coal Member2520
Bankston Fork Limestone Member2530
Copperas Creek Sandstone Member2540
Anvil Rock Sandstone Member2550
Lawson Shale Member2570
Pokeberry Limestone Member2590
Conant Limestone Member2600
Jamestown Coal Member2610
Brereton Limestone Member2630
Anna Shale Member2640
Energy Shale Member2650
Herrin Coal Member2660
Big Creek Shale Member2680
Vermilionville Sandstone Member2690
Briar Hill Coal Member2730
Canton Shale Member2750
St. David Limestone Member2760
Turner Mine Shale Member2770
Dykersburg Shale Member2780
Springfield Coal Member2790
Covel Conglomerate Bed2810
Hanover Limestone Member2820
Excello Shale Member2830
Houchin Creek Coal Member2840
Breezy Hill Limestone Member2850
Roodhouse coal bed2860
Kerton Creek coal bed2870
Pleasantview Sandstone Member2880
Purington Shale Member2930
Survant Coal Member2940
Oak Grove (Limestone) Member2960
Mecca Quarry Shale Member2970
Francis Creek Shale Member3000
Cardiff coal bed3010
Colchester Coal Member3020
Abingdon Coal Member or Bed3100
Isabel Sandstone Member3110
Seelyville Coal Member3170
Greenbush Coal Member or Bed3200
Dekoven Coal Member or Bed3210
Davis Coal Member or Bed3250

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