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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Wheeler Coal Member or Bed0
Bevier Coal Member or Bed0
Trowbridge Coal Member1670
Calhoun Coal Member1750
Shelbyville Coal Member1760
Opdyke Coal Member1780
Cohn Coal Member1850
McCleary's Bluff Coal Member1864
Friendsville Coal Member1870
Witt Coal Member1940
Flat Creek Coal Member1970
Flannigan Coal Member1990
New Haven Coal Member2130
Womac Coal Member2180
Chapel Coal Member2260
Athensville Coal Member2350
Lake Creek Coal Member2390
Pond Creek Coal Member2400
Rock Branch Coal Member2410
De Graff Coal Member2430
Danville Coal Member2490
Allenby Coal Member2520
Jamestown Coal Member2610
Herrin Coal Member2660
Briar Hill Coal Member2730
Springfield Coal Member2790
Houchin Creek Coal Member2840
Roodhouse coal bed2860
Kerton Creek coal bed2870
Survant Coal Member2940
Cardiff coal bed3010
Colchester Coal Member3020
Abingdon Coal Member or Bed3100
Seelyville Coal Member3170
Greenbush Coal Member or Bed3200
Dekoven Coal Member or Bed3210
Davis Coal Member or Bed3250
Wise Ridge Coal Member3320
Mt. Rorah Coal Member3330
De Long Coal Member3340
Murphysboro Coal Member3370
New Burnside Coal Member3400
Brush Coal Member3410
Delwood Coal Member3430
O'Nan Coal Member3434
Bidwell Coal Member3438
Hermon Coal Member3450
Rock Island Coal Member3490
Litchfield Coal Member3500
Assumption Coal Member3510
Pope Creek Coal Member3580
Willis Coal Member3590
Tarter Coal Member3630
Manley Coal Member3650
Reynoldsburg Coal Member3800
Gentry Coal Bed3900

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