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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Percy Limestone Member0
Antioch Limestone Member0
Greenup Limestone Member1570
Woodbury Limestone Member1590
Gila Limestone Member1610
Reisner Limestone Member1630
Bogota Limestone Member1660
Effingham Limestone Member1680
Shumway Limestone Member1700
Omega Limestone Member1730
Bonpas Limestone Member1740
Dix Limestone Member1810
Millersville Limestone Member1890
Livingston Limestone Member1900
Coffeen Limestone Member1930
Reel Limestone Member1950
Bunje Limestone Member2010
Little Vermilion Limestone Member2030
Sorento Limestone Member2050
La Salle Limestone Member2090
Shoal Creek Limestone Member2110
Hall Limestone Member2160
Macoupin Limestone Member2170
Burroughs Limestone Member2200
Carlinville Limestone Member2230
Cramer Limestone Member2250
Exline Limestone Member2330
Scottville Limestone Member2340
West Franklin Limestone Member2360
Lonsdale Limestone Member2370
Piasa Limestone2450
Galum Limestone Member2500
Bankston Fork Limestone Member2530
Pokeberry Limestone Member2590
Conant Limestone Member2600
Brereton Limestone Member2630
St. David Limestone Member2760
Hanover Limestone Member2820
Breezy Hill Limestone Member2850
Oak Grove (Limestone) Member2960
Seahorne Limestone Member3270
Stonefort Limestone Member3310
Creal Springs Limestone Member3350
Seville Limestone Member3470
Curlew Limestone Member3480
Sellers Limestone Bed3910
Kinkaid Limestone4060
Goreville Limestone Member4070
Negli Creek Limestone Member4090
Ford Station Limestone Member4120
Cora Limestone Member4140
Allard Limestone Member4180
Scottsburg Limestone Member4190
Vienna Limestone4230
Haney Limestone4300
Beech Creek Limestone4350
Reelsville Limestone Member4400
Beaver Bend Limestone Member4420
Mammoth Cave Limestone Megagroup4450
Cedar Bluff Limestone Group4460
Downeys Bluff Limestone4470
Renault Limestone4500
Shetlerville Limestone Member4510
Levias Limestone Member5020
Ste. Genevieve Limestone5060
Karnak Limestone Member5090
Fredonia Limestone Member5110
St. Louis Limestone5150
Salem Limestone5180
Ullin Limestone5230
Harrodsburg Limestone Member5240
Ramp Creek Limestone Member5250
Keokuk Limestone5350
Burlington Limestone5370
Starrs Cave Limestone5450
McCraney Limestone5470
Louisiana Limestone5820
Cedar Valley Limestone5900
Walnut Grove Limestone Member5980
Wapsipinicon Limestone6030
Tripp Limestone Member6050
Howardton Limestone Member6070
Cooper Limestone Member6110
Backbone Limestone6190
Bailey Limestone6210
St. Clair Limestone6820
Sexton Creek Limestone6940
Girardeau Limestone7420
Fort Atkinson Limstone7430

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