Ramp Creek Limestone Member

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Lithostratigraphy: Mammoth Cave Limestone Megagroup >>Ullin Limestone >>Ramp Creek Limestone Member
Chronostratigraphy: Paleozoic Erathem >>Mississippian Subsystem >>Valmeyeran Series
Allostratigraphy: Kaskaskia Sequence

Primary source

Willman, H. B., Elwood Atherton, T. C. Buschbach, Charles Collinson, John C. Frye, M. E. Hopkins, Jerry A. Lineback, and Jack A. Simon, 1975, Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy: Illinois State Geological Survey Bulletin 95, 261 p.

Contributing author(s)

Elwood Atherton, Charles Collinson, and Jerry A. Lineback


Original description

The Ramp Creek Limestone Member of the Ullin Limestone (Stockdale, 1929, p. 233-242).


Named for the village of Ramp Creek, Monroe County, Indiana.

Other names


The name "Ramp Creek" was originally applied to the lower part of the Harrodsburg Limestone, but Harrodsburg was later restricted to the upper, purer limestone (Smith, 1965).

Type section

Type location

The type section of the Ramp Creek Limestone Member is located near Ramp Creek, Monroe County, Indiana, in an exposure of 21 feet of siliceous and argillaceous limestone (NW NW 35, 8N-1W).

Type author(s)

Type status

Reference section

Reference location

Reference author(s)

Reference status

Stratigraphic relationships

The Ramp Creek in Illinois is the lower, cherty, argillaceous limestone of the Ullin (Lineback, 1966).

Extent and thickness

The Ramp Creek is 0-490 feet thick.





Well log characteristics


The Ramp Creek includes the brachiopod Marginirugus magnus Zone.

Age and correlation

Environments of deposition

Economic importance



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SMITH, N. M., 1965, Sanders Group and subjacent Muldraugh Formation (Mississippian) in Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Report of Progress 29, 20 p.
STOCKDALE, P. B., 1929, Stratigraphic units of the Harrodsburg Limestone: Indiana Academy of Science Proceedings, 1928, v. 38, p. 233-242.

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