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Producing Zones and Informal Names in the Mississippian

Chesterian SeriesValmeyeran SeriesKinderhookian SeriesGenevievian StageGasperian StageHombergian StageElviran StageKaskaskia_SequenceKnobs MegagroupMammoth Cave Limestone MegagroupPope MegagroupNew Albany Shale GroupNorth Hill GroupPaint Creek GroupWest Baden GroupCedar Bluff Limestone GroupGlen Park FormationHannibal ShaleMcCraney LimestoneProspect Hill SiltstoneStarrs Cave LimestoneMeppen LimestoneFern Glen FormationBurlington LimestoneKeokuk LimestoneWarsaw ShaleSonora FormationUllin LimestoneSalem LimestoneSt. Louis LimestoneSte. Genevieve LimestoneAux Vases SandstoneRenault LimestoneYankeetown SandstoneDowneys Bluff LimestoneBethel SandstoneRidenhower FormationCypress SandstoneOkaw GroupGolconda GroupBeech Creek LimestoneFraileys ShaleHaney LimestoneHardinsburg SandstoneGlen Dean LimestoneTar Springs SandstoneVienna LimestoneWaltersburg FormationMenard LimestonePalestine SandstoneCora Limestone MemberDegonia SandstoneKinkaid LimestoneGrove Church ShaleGoreville Limestone MemberCave Hill Shale MemberNegli Creek Limestone MemberFord Station Limestone MemberTygett Sandstone MemberCora Limestone MemberAllard Limestone MemberScottsburg Limestone MemberWalche Limestone MemberBig Clifty Sandstone MemberReelsville Limestone MemberSample Sandstone MemberBeaverBend Limestone MemberShetlerville Limestone MemberPopcorn Sandstone MemberLevias Limestone MemberRosiclare Sandstone MemberJoppa MemberKarnak Limestone MemberSpar Mountain Sandstone MemberFredonia Limestone MemberRocher MemberChalfin MemberFults MemberKidd MemberHarrodsburg Limestone MemberRamp Creek Limestone MemberMontrose Chert MemberNutwood Shale MemberHannibal ShaleChouteau LimestoneBilyeu MemberBorden SiltstoneSpringville ShaleState Pond MemberFort Payne FormationFigure M-3 imagemap.jpg
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Stratigraphic column is from ISGS Bulletin 95 (1975).

Mississippian Subsystem
  1. Mississippian Subsystem
  2. Chesterian Series
  3. Elviran Stage
  4. Pope Megagroup
  5. Grove Church Shale
  6. Kinkaid Limestone
  7. Goreville Limestone Member
  8. Cave Hill Shale Member
  9. Negli Creek Limestone Member
  10. Degonia Sandstone
  11. Clore Formation
  12. Ford Station Limestone Member
  13. Tygett Sandstone Member
  14. Cora Limestone Member
  15. Palestine Sandstone
  16. Menard Limestone
  17. Allard Limestone Member
  18. Scottsburg Limestone Member
  19. Walche Limestone Member
  20. Waltersburg Formation
  21. Vienna Limestone
  22. Tar Springs Sandstone
  23. Hombergian Stage
  24. Okaw Group
  25. Glen Dean Limestone
  26. Hardinsburg Sandstone
  27. Golconda Group
  28. Haney Limestone
  29. Fraileys Shale
  30. Big Clifty Sandstone Member
  31. Gasperian Stage
  32. Beech Creek Limestone
  33. West Baden Group
  34. Cypress Sandstone
  35. Paint Creek Group
  36. Ridenhower Formation
  37. Reelsville Limestone Member
  38. Sample Sandstone Member
  39. Beaver Bend Limestone Member
  40. Bethel Sandstone
  41. Mammoth Cave Limestone Megagroup
  42. Cedar Bluff Limestone Group
  43. Downeys Bluff Limestone
  44. Yankeetown Sandstone
  45. Renault Limestone
  46. Shetlerville Limestone Member
  47. Popcorn Sandstone Member
  48. Valmeyeran Series
  49. Genevievian Stage
  50. Levias Limestone Member
  51. Aux Vases Sandstone
  52. Rosiclare Sandstone Member
  53. Ste. Genevieve Limestone
  54. Joppa Member
  55. Karnak Limestone Member
  56. Spar Mountain Sandstone Member
  57. Fredonia Limestone Member
  58. St. Louis Limestone
  59. Salem Limestone
  60. Rocher Member
  61. Chalfin Member
  62. Fults Member
  63. Kidd Member
  64. Ullin Limestone
  65. Harrodsburg Limestone Member
  66. Ramp Creek Limestone Member
  67. Knobs Megagroup
  68. Borden Siltstone
  69. Sonora Formation
  70. Fort Payne Formation
  71. Warsaw Shale
  72. Bilyeu Member
  73. Keokuk Limestone
  74. Montrose Chert Member
  75. Burlington Limestone
  76. Fern Glen Formation
  77. Springville Shale
  78. State Pond Member
  79. Kinderhookian Series
  80. Chouteau Limestone
  81. North Hill Group
  82. Meppen Limestone
  83. Starrs Cave Limestone
  84. Prospect Hill Siltstone
  85. McCraney Limestone
  86. New Albany Shale Group
  87. Hannibal Shale
  88. Nutwood Shale Member
  89. Glen Park Formation