Galatia Channel:Similar Channels Affecting Other Coal Seams

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Similar Channels Affecting Other Coal Seams

Several well-documented paleochannels in the Illinois Basin existed contemporaneously with peat deposits older and younger than the Springfield (Figure 39). The Galatia channel provides an apt model for comparison.

  • Figure 39 Map of the Illinois Basin showing channels and gray shale wedges affecting the Murphysboro, Colchester, Herrin, Baker, and Danville Coals.
Colchester Coal and Francis Creek Shale
Herrin Coal, Energy Shale, and Walshville Channel
Baker Coal and Winslow-Henderson Channel
Danville Coal
Murphysboro Coal and Oraville Channel

Primary Source

W. John Nelson, Scott D. Elrick, William A. DiMichele, and Philip R. Ames xxxx, Evolution of a Peat-Contemporaneous Channel: The Galatia Channel, Middle Pennsylvanian, of the Illinois Basin FINISH CITATION