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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Ottawa Limestone Megagroup7510
Champlainian Series7530
Trentonian Stage7540
Galena Group7550
Dubuque Formation7560
Kimmswick Subgroup7570
Wise Lake Formation7580
Stewartville Member7590
Sinsinawa Member7600
Dunleith Formation7610
Wyota Member7620
New London Member7630
Wall Member7640
Sherwood Member7650
Moredock Member7660
Rivoli Member7670
Mortimer Member7680
Fairplay Member7690
Eagle Point Member7700
Beecher Member7710
St. James Member7720
Buckhorn Member7730
Decorah Subgroup7740
Guttenberg Formation7750
Glenhaven Member7760
Garnavillo Member7770
Kings Lake Formation7780
Tyson Member7790
Mincke Member7800
Spechts Ferry Formation7810
Glencoe Member7820
Castlewood Member7830
Blackriveran Stage7840
Platteville Group7850
Plattin Subgroup7860
Quimbys Mill Formation7870
Strawbridge Member7880
Shullsburg Member7890
Hazel Green Member7900
Nachusa Formation7910
Everett Member7920
Elm Member7930
Eldena Member7940
Grand Detour Formation7950
Forreston Member7960
Victory Member7970
Hely Member7980
Clement Member7990
Stillman Member8000
Walgreen Member8010
Dement Member8020
Mifflin Formation8030
Briton Member8040
Hazelwood Member8050
Establishment Member8060
Brickeys Member8070
Blomeyer Member8080
Pecatonica Formation8090
Oglesby Member8100
Medusa Member8110
New Glarus Member8120
Dane Member8130
Chana Member8140
Hennepin Member8150
Ancell Group8160
Glenwood Formation8170
Joachim Dolomite8180
Harmony Hill Shale Member8190
Metz Member8200
Loughridge Sandstone Member8210
Matson Member8220
Nokomis Sandstone Member8230
Daysville Dolomite Member8240
Defiance Member8250
Kingdom Sandstone Member8260
Boles Member8270
Augusta Member8280
Abernathy Member8290
Dutchtown Limestone8300
Sharpsboro Member8310
Gordonville Member8320
St. Peter Sandstone8330
Starved Rock Sandstone Member8340
Tonti Sandstone Member8350
Kress Member8360
Chazyan Stage8380
Everton Dolomite8400

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