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Welcome to ILSTRAT The Online Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy

655 Articles • 2,859 Pages2 Active users • 18,034 Edits
Use the links to the right to navigate to the stratigraphic unit you are looking for, or search in several ways.
  • You can use the search box in the upper right-hand corner or the one below. You can search for the name of an article, or any term that appears in an article.
  • Within any article, you can use CTRL (or CMD) + F and search for a term in that article.

In most cases, the geologic information on each page is based on historical unit descriptions from either ISGS Bulletin 94, 95, or 104 (see About ILSTRAT). However, this online resource was not designed to be a static receptacle of previously published material. If you are a member of the geologic community, please consider contacting us to contribute to the efforts to update the contents of ILSTRAT-- either by adding new material like pictures or logs, updating geologic understanding with recent referenced works, or acting as editor/reviewer. In this way ILSTRAT can become an accurate reflection of current stratigraphic understanding in Illinois, driven by those most familiar with its intricacies.

Please have a look around and enjoy learning about the stratigraphy of Illinois.
If you have any questions, or would like to get a login to contribute to ILSTRAT, please contact us at


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