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Use the free online image map editor here

Image preparation

Resize your image to a reasonable width (the image width of the Cambrian Search Page is 350px).

Upload the image to ILSTRAT

Upload your image to ILSTRAT with the name ending with xxxx_imagemap.jpg

Online Image Map Editor

Go to the free image map editor page Online Image Map Editor

Upload the image into the site

  • "Use an Image on your computer:"
  • Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to the file location on your computer.
  • Click the "Upload" button.
  • Click the "accept" checkmark, and your image should appear on the screen.

Imagemap 1.JPG
Your image should now be loaded to that site.

Creating your image map

  • Select "Wiki imagemap" from the Output: Dropdown box
  • Click the word "Code" on the page to expand the code box
  • Draw your first area (a rectangle, a circle, or polygon)
  • For the next area you want to map, move the selection to the next line and proceed as above. Repeat until you are done.


Imagemap 2.JPG

  • Copy all the text in the Code box to the wiki page where you want the image map to appear.
  • Change the blue highlighted text to the image that you uploaded to ILSTRAT
    • e.g. Figure_C-3_imagemap.jpg
  • Delete the red highlighted text