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Associate Quaternary Geologist
Quaternary and Engineering Geology
217-244-2785 (Fax)


  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1996
  • A.B. Colgate University, 1988

Research Interests

  • Stratigraphy, paleoclimate and paleoenvironment of Illinoian and pre-Illinoian sediments and paleosols in SW Illinois
  • Provenance of loess and lake sediment records, based on mineralogy, magnetic properties and elemental composition
  • Utilization of magnetic susceptibility for delineation of hydric (wetland) soils and for ecological restoration
  • Geomorphology and history of Illinoian glaciation in Illinois

Current Research Projects

  • Surficial geology mapping in the Kaskaskia River Basin in southwestern Illinois
  • Correlation of soil magnetic suscepitability to distribution of native tree and prairie species; utilization in restoration
  • Comparision of paleoclimate and paleoenvironment of Wisconsinan, Illinoian and pre-Illinoian deposits in SW Illinois based on fossil assemblage, mineral and magnetic methods

Selected Publications:

O’ Brien, SL, Jastrow, JD, Grimley, DA, and Gonzalez-Meler, MA. 2015. Edaphic controls on soil organic carbon stocks in restored grasslands. Geoderma 251-252: 117-123.
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Pigati JS, McGeehin JP, Muhs DR, Grimley DA, Nekola JC. 2015. Radiocarbon dating loess deposits in the Mississippi Valley using terrestrial gastropod shells (Polygyridae, Helicinidae, and Discidae). Aeolian Research 16: 25-33.
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Grants and Contracts

USGS-STATEMAP (PI); “The Illinois STATEMAP Geologic Mapping Proposal”, $194,565 [2013].
USGS-STATEMAP (co-PI); “The Illinois STATEMAP Geologic Mapping Proposal”; served as PI for southwestern Illinois surficial mapping sub-project; yearly funding of $200,000 to $253,000 [2004 - 2012].
“Drilling and Electrical Resistivity Surveys for Shakespeare Oil Company in Southwestern Illinois” [2006; $40,000]
University of Illinois Research Board Grant, "Using magnetic susceptibility to aid with delineation of hydric (wetland) soils in the central Midwest" [2001; $18,400]