Woodbury Limestone Member

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Lithostratigraphy: McLeansboro Group >>Mattoon Formation >>Woodbury Limestone Member
Chronostratigraphy: Paleozoic Erathem >>Pennsylvanian Subsystem >>Virgilian Series
Allostratigraphy: Absaroka Sequence

Primary source

Willman, H. B., Elwood Atherton, T. C. Buschbach, Charles Collinson, John C. Frye, M. E. Hopkins, Jerry A. Lineback, and Jack A. Simon, 1975, Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy: Illinois State Geological Survey Bulletin 95, 261 p.

Contributing author(s)

M. E. Hopkins and J. A. Simon


Original description

The Woodbury Limestone Member of the Mattoon Formation (Newton and Weller, 1937, p. 9, 28-30).


Named for Woodbury, Cumberland County.

Other names


Type section

Type location

The type section consists of exposures on a tributary to Webster Branch about 2 miles southwest of Woodbury (S 1/2 SE 32, 9N-8E).

Type author(s)

Type status

Reference section

Reference location

Reference author(s)

Reference status

Stratigraphic relationships

Extent and thickness

The Woodbury has not been recognized outside the type area.


In the type section the Woodbury is a hard, gray, calcareous ironstone layer 3-4 inches thick that contains numerous brachiopods, crinoids, and a few corals. It is separated from an underlying 5-inch coal by a few inches of black coaly shale.




Well log characteristics


Age and correlation

Environments of deposition

Economic importance



NEWTON, W. A., and J. M. WELLER, 1937, Stratigraphic studies of Pennsylvanian outcrops in part of southeastern Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey Report of Investigations 45, 31 p.

ISGS Codes

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