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Requesting access to edit

To request access to ILSTRAT please send an email to

Levels of users

Standard user

You will be able to log in and edit any page, but the edit will not be view-able to non-logged in users of ILSTRAT. The changes you make must be approved by a person in the "Reviewer" level of users.


Only a select group of people (ISGS section heads or their designee) will be granted this access. You will be assigned a list of "watched" pages (by request or assumed subject matter) and when these pages are changed you will receive an email requesting that you review changes submitted by a member of the "Standard user". If approved, the wiki page will be updated and will then be view-able by non-logged-in users of ILSTRAT and the old version of the page will get stored on the "View history" tab. (Do not confuse this with the "Historical" tab- the page in the "Historical" tab will never change.)

If the changes are not approved, they will be discarded.