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Page sections

  1. Formal or Informal unit - If formal, no action needs to be taken. An informal unit requires the use of a different entry form.
  2. Unit name
  3. Primary source
  4. Contributing author(s)
  5. Name
    a. Original description As discussed by original author, using direct quotations, where appropriate.
    b. Derivation e.g. a discussion of the Davis Mine, for which the coal was named
    c. Other names e.g. Western Kentucky No. 6 coal bed
    d. History/background
  6. Type section
    a. Location
    b. Authors
    c. Status What is present condition of outcrop? If type section is in subsurface, where are samples and logs archived?
  7. Reference section(s) If more than one, number consecutively under each sub-heading.
    a. Location
    b. Authors
    c. Status
  8. Stratigraphic relationships
    Here is the place to cover evolving concepts and definition of the unit, as well as where the unit lies relative to other named units, as currently defined.
  9. Extent and thickness
    Thickness and regional extent are so closely married that discussing them together is more concise, avoiding redundancy.
  10. Lithology
  11. Core(s)
  12. Photographs(s)
  13. Contacts
    Upper, lower & lateral contacts will be entered individually, but will be presented together.
  14. Well log characteristics
  15. Fossils
    Highlighting those of biostratigraphic utility
    Wiki code tip: insert two apostrophes('') before and after a word to italicize the word. Do not use the quotation mark!
    e.g. ''Dalmanites'' will give Dalmanites on the page
  16. Age and correlation
    This section incorporates biostratigraphy and other correlation techniques. Discussing age and correlation together avoids redundancy.
  17. Environments of deposition
  18. Economic Importance
  19. Remarks
    A location to put any other data that does not fit into one of the above categories.
  20. References
    Wiki code tip: insert <br> at the end of each entry so a hard return is added to the wiki code
  21. ISGS Codes
    Stratigraphic Code Assigned by ISGS staff.
    Geo Unit Designation Assigned by ISGS staff.