Galatia Channel:Stratigraphy

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This section describes, in ascending order, the rock units that enclose the Springfield Coal and Galatia paleochannel(Figure 4). To facilitate discussion of the new depositional model, two new members are proposed.

  • Figure 4 Diagram showing units between the Houchin Creek and Herrin Coals, including members newly named in this report.

Houchin Creek Coal | Excello Shale Member | Hanover Limestone Member | Delafield Member (New) | Galatia Member (New) | Underclay of Springfield Coal | Springfield Coal | Dykersburg (Shale) Member | Turner Mine Shale Member | St. David Limestone Member


Primary Source

W. John Nelson, Scott D. Elrick, William A. DiMichele, and Philip R. Ames xxxx, Evolution of a Peat-Contemporaneous Channel: The Galatia Channel, Middle Pennsylvanian, of the Illinois Basin FINISH CITATION