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Information on producing zones and informal names in Illinois shown on this graphic can be found by using the hyperlinked image or the alphabetical listing below. These links will take you to the "Economic importance" section of the corresponding geologic formation.

TrivoliAnvil Rock, Cuba, upper Dudley,Jake Creek, Jamestown, Plesantview,1st or upper SigginsBellair 500, Bridgeport, Claypool, lower Dudley, Isabel, Kickapoo, Petro, Robinson, 2nd or lower Siggins, WilsonBellair 800, Burtschi, Casey, Mansfield, Dagley, Partlow, 3rd, 4th, SigginsBiehl, Buchanan, Jordan, Pottsville, RidgleyGolconda limeGolconda shaleBig Clifty, JacksonBarlow, basal GolcondaWeiler, Kirkwood, Carlyle, Bellair 900, LindleySample, upper Paint CreekPaint Creek sandlower Paint Creek, upper RenaultBenoistlower RenaultAux Vases limeOharaSpar Mountain, RosiclareMcClosky, Oblong, lower McCloskyWestfield, MartinsvilleWarsawOsage, Cole, Sonora, CarperHardinHibbard, HoingGeneva, Dutch CreekFlat Gap limestoneBeaucoupSilurian, NiagaranKimmswick, TrentonGOI-ch15-fig15.jpg
About this image

Generalized geological column of southern Illinois. Size of solid dots indicates relative amount of petroleum produced from individual producing zones. Formation names are in capital letters. Abbreviations: A., Alexandrian; Cinc., Cincinnatian; Cr., Creek; E., eastern; Gol., Golconda; Incl., including; K., Kinderhookian; L., lower; Niag.-Cayug., Niagaran-Cayugan; P. Cr. Sd, Paint Creek sand; Ren., Renault; Sh, shale; U., upper; U.P.C., Upper Paint Creek; W., western.

Modified from: Kolata, Dennis R, and Cheryl Nimz, eds., 2010, Geology of Illinois: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability, Illinois State Geological Survey, 530 p.