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Unit NameStratigraphic Code
Wheeler Coal Member or Bed0
Antioch Limestone Member0
Will Scarlet Shale Member0
Delafield Member0
Unnamed clastic member - Carbondale Formation0
Percy Limestone Member0
Lagonda Member0
Galatia Member0
Bevier Coal Member or Bed0
Walshville Member0
Coxville Sandstone Member0
Raccoon Creek Group0
Unnamed gray shale member - Carbondale Formation0
Absaroka Sequence1500
Paleozoic Erathem1510
Pennsylvanian Subsystem1520
Virgilian Series1530
McLeansboro Group1540
Mattoon Formation1550
Greenup Limestone Member1570
Woodbury Limestone Member1590
Gila Limestone Member1610
Reisner Limestone Member1630
Bogota Limestone Member1660
Trowbridge Coal Member1670
Effingham Limestone Member1680
Shumway Limestone Member1700
Missourian Series1710
Omega Limestone Member1730
Bonpas Limestone Member1740
Calhoun Coal Member1750
Shelbyville Coal Member1760
Opdyke Coal Member1780
Dix Limestone Member1810
Merom Sandstone Member1820
Cohn Coal Member1850
McCleary's Bluff Coal Member1864
Friendsville Coal Member1870
Bond Formation1880
Millersville Limestone Member1890
Livingston Limestone Member1900
Coffeen Limestone Member1930
Witt Coal Member1940
Reel Limestone Member1950
Flat Creek Coal Member1970
Flannigan Coal Member1990
Bunje Limestone Member2010
Little Vermilion Limestone Member2030
Sorento Limestone Member2050
McWain Sandstone Member2060
Mt. Carmel Sandstone Member2070
La Salle Limestone Member2090
Shoal Creek Limestone Member2110
Modesto Formation2120
New Haven Coal Member2130
Hall Limestone Member2160
Macoupin Limestone Member2170
Womac Coal Member2180
Burroughs Limestone Member2200
Inglefield Sandstone Member2210
Carlinville Limestone Member2230
Cramer Limestone Member2250
Chapel Coal Member2260
Desmoinesian Series2300
Trivoli Sandstone Member2310
Exline Limestone Member2330
Scottville Limestone Member2340
Athensville Coal Member2350
West Franklin Limestone Member2360
Lonsdale Limestone Member2370
Gimlet Sandstone Member2380
Lake Creek Coal Member2390
Pond Creek Coal Member2400
Rock Branch Coal Member2410
De Graff Coal Member2430
Piasa Limestone2450
Farmington Shale Member2460
Kewanee Group2470
Carbondale Formation2480
Danville Coal Member2490
Galum Limestone Member2500
Allenby Coal Member2520
Bankston Fork Limestone Member2530
Copperas Creek Sandstone Member2540
Anvil Rock Sandstone Member2550
Lawson Shale Member2570
Pokeberry Limestone Member2590
Conant Limestone Member2600
Jamestown Coal Member2610
Brereton Limestone Member2630
Anna Shale Member2640
Energy Shale Member2650
Herrin Coal Member2660
Big Creek Shale Member2680
Vermilionville Sandstone Member2690
Briar Hill Coal Member2730
Canton Shale Member2750
St. David Limestone Member2760
Turner Mine Shale Member2770
Dykersburg Shale Member2780
Springfield Coal Member2790
Covel Conglomerate Bed2810
Hanover Limestone Member2820
Excello Shale Member2830
Houchin Creek Coal Member2840
Breezy Hill Limestone Member2850
Roodhouse coal bed2860
Kerton Creek coal bed2870
Pleasantview Sandstone Member2880
Purington Shale Member2930
Survant Coal Member2940
Oak Grove (Limestone) Member2960
Mecca Quarry Shale Member2970
Francis Creek Shale Member3000
Cardiff coal bed3010
Colchester Coal Member3020
Spoon Formation3030
Cheltenham Clay Member3040
Abingdon Coal Member or Bed3100
Isabel Sandstone Member3110
Seelyville Coal Member3170
Greenbush Coal Member or Bed3200
Dekoven Coal Member or Bed3210
Davis Coal Member or Bed3250
Seahorne Limestone Member3270
Vergennes Sandstone Member3280
Stonefort Limestone Member3310
Wise Ridge Coal Member3320
Mt. Rorah Coal Member3330
De Long Coal Member3340
Creal Springs Limestone Member3350
Murphysboro Coal Member3370
Granger Sandstone Member3380
New Burnside Coal Member3400
Brush Coal Member3410
Delwood Coal Member3430
O'Nan Coal Member3434
Bidwell Coal Member3438
Hermon Coal Member3450
Seville Limestone Member3470
Curlew Limestone Member3480
Rock Island Coal Member3490
Litchfield Coal Member3500
Assumption Coal Member3510
Atokan Series3520
Abbott Formation3540
Bernadotte Sandstone Member3550
Murray Bluff Sandstone Member3560
Pope Creek Coal Member3580
Willis Coal Member3590
Grindstaff Sandstone Member3610
Tarter Coal Member3630
Manley Coal Member3650
Babylon Sandstone Member3660
Finnie Sandstone Member3680
Reynoldsburg Coal Member3800
Morrowan Series3810
Caseyville Formation3820
Pounds Sandstone Member3830
Gentry Coal Bed3900
Sellers Limestone Bed3910
Battery Rock Sandstone Member3920
Wayside Member3970
Kaskaskia Sequence4000
Mississippian Subsystem4010
Chesterian Series4020
Elviran Stage4030
Pope Megagroup4040
Grove Church Shale4050
Kinkaid Limestone4060
Goreville Limestone Member4070
Cave Hill Shale Member4080
Negli Creek Limestone Member4090
Degonia Sandstone4100
Clore Formation4110
Ford Station Limestone Member4120
Tygett Sandstone Member4130
Cora Limestone Member4140
Palestine Sandstone4150
Menard Limestone4160
Allard Limestone Member4180
Scottsburg Limestone Member4190
Walche Limestone Member4200
Waltersburg Formation4210
Vienna Limestone4230
Tar Springs Sandstone4240
Hombergian Stage4250
Okaw Group4260
Glen Dean Limestone4270
Hardinsburg Sandstone4280
Golconda Group4290
Haney Limestone4300
Fraileys Shale4320
Big Clifty Sandstone Member4330
Gasperian Stage4340
Beech Creek Limestone4350
West Baden Group4360
Cypress Sandstone4370
Paint Creek Group4380
Ridenhower Formation4390
Reelsville Limestone Member4400
Sample Sandstone Member4410
Beaver Bend Limestone Member4420
Bethel Sandstone4430
Mammoth Cave Limestone Megagroup4450
Cedar Bluff Limestone Group4460
Downeys Bluff Limestone4470
Yankeetown Sandstone4480
Renault Limestone4500
Shetlerville Limestone Member4510
Popcorn Sandstone Member4520
Valmeyeran Series5000
Genevievian Stage5010
Levias Limestone Member5020
Aux Vases Sandstone5040
Rosiclare Sandstone Member5050
Ste. Genevieve Limestone5060
Joppa Member5070
Karnak Limestone Member5090
Spar Mountain Sandstone Member5100
Fredonia Limestone Member5110
St. Louis Limestone5150
Salem Limestone5180
Rocher Member5190
Chalfin Member5200
Fults Member5210
Kidd Member5215
Ullin Limestone5230
Harrodsburg Limestone Member5240
Ramp Creek Limestone Member5250
Knobs Megagroup5260
Borden Siltstone5270
Sonora Formation5280
Fort Payne Formation5290
Warsaw Shale5310
Bilyeu Member5320
Keokuk Limestone5350
Montrose Chert Member5355
Burlington Limestone5370
Fern Glen Formation5380
Springville Shale5390
State Pond Member5410
Kinderhookian Series5420
Chouteau Limestone5430
North Hill Group5440
Meppen Limestone5445
Starrs Cave Limestone5450
Prospect Hill Siltstone5460
McCraney Limestone5470
New Albany Shale Group5480
Hannibal Shale5490
Nutwood Shale Member5510
Glen Park Formation5520
Devonian System5800
Upper Devonian Series5810
Louisiana Limestone5820
Saverton Shale5840
Grassy Creek Shale5850
Sweetland Creek Shale5860
Sylamore Sandstone5870
Middle Devonian Series5880
Hunton Limestone Megagroup5890
Cedar Valley Limestone5900
Coralville Member5910
Alto Formation5920
Rapid Member5950
Lingle Formation5970
Walnut Grove Limestone Member5980
Rendleman Oolite Bed5990
Solon Member6000
Hoing Sandstone Member6010
Misenheimer Shale Member6020
Wapsipinicon Limestone6030
Davenport Member6040
Tripp Limestone Member6050
Blocher Shale6060
Howardton Limestone Member6070
Grand Tower Limestone6080
Tioga Bentonite Bed6090
Spring Grove Member6100
Cooper Limestone Member6110
Kenwood Member6120
Otis Member6130
Coggan Member6135
Geneva Dolomite Member6140
Dutch Creek Sandstone Member6150
Tippecanoe Sequence6160
Lower Devonian Series6170
Clear Creek Chert6180
Backbone Limestone6190
Grassy Knob Chert6200
Bailey Limestone6210
Silurian System6700
Cayugan Series6720
Niagaran Series6740
Moccasin Springs Formation6770
Racine Formation6780
St. Clair Limestone6820
Sugar Run Formation6840
Joliet Formation6860
Marcus Formation6864
Romeo Member6868
Markgraf Member6872
Brandon Bridge Member6876
Alexandrian Series6880
Kankakee Formation6900
Sweeney Formation6921
Sexton Creek Limestone6940
Plaines Member6944
Troutman Member6948
Offerman Member6952
Drummond Member6956
Edgewood Formation6960
Elwood Formation6965
Blanding Formation6970
Wilhelmi Formation6975
Tete de Morts Formation6985
Birds Member6990
Schweizer Member6995
Mosalem Formation7010
Noix Oolite Member7020
Ordovician System7360
Cincinnatian Series7370
Richmondian Stage7380
Maquoketa Shale Group7390
Neda Formation7400
Brainard Shale7410
Girardeau Limestone7420
Fort Atkinson Limstone7430
Scales Shale7440
Clermont Shale Member7450
Maysvillian Stage7460
Elgin Shale Member7470
Edenian Stage7480
Orchard Creek Shale Member7490
Thebes Sandstone Member7500
Ottawa Limestone Megagroup7510
Cape Limestone7520
Champlainian Series7530
Trentonian Stage7540
Galena Group7550
Dubuque Formation7560
Kimmswick Subgroup7570
Wise Lake Formation7580
Stewartville Member7590
Sinsinawa Member7600
Dunleith Formation7610
Wyota Member7620
New London Member7630
Wall Member7640
Sherwood Member7650
Moredock Member7660
Rivoli Member7670
Mortimer Member7680
Fairplay Member7690
Eagle Point Member7700
Beecher Member7710
St. James Member7720
Buckhorn Member7730
Decorah Subgroup7740
Guttenberg Formation7750
Glenhaven Member7760
Garnavillo Member7770
Kings Lake Formation7780
Tyson Member7790
Mincke Member7800
Spechts Ferry Formation7810
Glencoe Member7820
Castlewood Member7830
Blackriveran Stage7840
Platteville Group7850
Plattin Subgroup7860
Quimbys Mill Formation7870
Strawbridge Member7880
Shullsburg Member7890
Hazel Green Member7900
Nachusa Formation7910
Everett Member7920
Elm Member7930
Eldena Member7940
Grand Detour Formation7950
Forreston Member7960
Victory Member7970
Hely Member7980
Clement Member7990
Stillman Member8000
Walgreen Member8010
Dement Member8020
Mifflin Formation8030
Briton Member8040
Hazelwood Member8050
Establishment Member8060
Brickeys Member8070
Blomeyer Member8080
Pecatonica Formation8090
Oglesby Member8100
Medusa Member8110
New Glarus Member8120
Dane Member8130
Chana Member8140
Hennepin Member8150
Ancell Group8160
Glenwood Formation8170
Joachim Dolomite8180
Harmony Hill Shale Member8190
Metz Member8200
Loughridge Sandstone Member8210
Matson Member8220
Nokomis Sandstone Member8230
Daysville Dolomite Member8240
Defiance Member8250
Kingdom Sandstone Member8260
Boles Member8270
Augusta Member8280
Abernathy Member8290
Dutchtown Limestone8300
Sharpsboro Member8310
Gordonville Member8320
St. Peter Sandstone8330
Starved Rock Sandstone Member8340
Tonti Sandstone Member8350
Kress Member8360
Sauk Sequence8370
Chazyan Stage8380
Knox Dolomite Megagroup8390
Everton Dolomite8400
Canadian Series8410
Prairie du Chien Group8420
Shakopee Dolomite8430
New Richmond Sandstone8440
Oneota Dolomite8450
Blodgett Member8460
Arsenal Member8470
Gunter Sandstone8480
Cambrian System8550
Croixan Series8560
Trempealeauan Stage8570
Eminence Formation8580
Jordan Sandstone8590
Momence Sandstone Member8600
Potosi Dolomite8610
Franconian Stage8620
Derby-Doerun Member8640
Potsdam Sandstone Megagroup8650
Franconia Formation8660
Davis Member8670
Ironton Sandstone8680
Mooseheart Member8700
Marywood Member8710
Fox Valley Member8720
Buelter Member8730
Dresbachian Stage8740
Galesville Sandstone8750
Eau Claire Formation8760
Proviso Siltstone Member8780
Lombard Dolomite Member8790
Elmhurst Sandstone Member8800
Mt. Simon Sandstone8810
Charter Member8820
Gunn Member8830
Lacey Member8840
Mayfield Member8850
Lovell Member8860
Kenyon Member8870
Crane Member8880

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